Ibiza Island Our Sea, our Land

Our sea, our land

Es Vedra - Ibiza - Hotel MarfilAs soon as you have settled in and come down to the reception area, we will start to explain to you why Ibiza is so special. We will show you how to find our favourite restaurants, where you can try the island’s exquisite cuisine (from beach bars with quite surprisingly good food to the most select restaurants that have been awarded prizes at a national level).

In short, Ibiza is far too beautiful to want to shut yourself up within four walls all day. We the Ibizans are so proud of our island that we do not want you to leave without getting to know all that we love so much about it.

We can assure you that we know what we are talking about, after having had the chance to travel quite a bit around the world and finding ourselves yearning for the sand and the blueness of this sea when comparing it to faraway places in the Caribbean and Asia. All the places on the island that we refer to have just one secret – the fact that they are our favourite spots. Therefore, we believe that our guests may also like what we like.

  • Our Sea
  • Our Land

If you like the sea, Juan will show you the island from the best possible viewpoint- the bow of a 15-metre wooden sailing boat. He will show you that there is nothing as enjoyable as eating freshly caught fish on board a vessel, and all this at a much more affordable price than you can even imagine.

Our island is surrounded by small coves with crystal-clear waters, which can be reached by land except in the case of the most secluded coves, which are only reachable by boat. Once there, you will understand the difference between vast beaches with murky waters, where there is no room to even lay your towel, and the many intimate niches that are still out there to be discovered in Ibiza.

San Antonio, the town where the hotel is located, is in the west of the island and is a breathtaking place to watch the sun set, especially when sitting outside a place like Café del Mar, which you can reach easily walking from the hotel. The west coast is the best area to sail and swim, as the predominant wind that blows in the summer (when it blows) on this side of the Mediterranean is an east wind, which does not reach the protected coast on this side.

We will show you routes to get lost leading you to the north and the centre of the island and bring you to the heart of a peaceful old countryside, with wise and beautiful architecture that instantly mesmerises you. You will discover the tranquillity of the squares in little villages such as Santa Gertrudis, San Mateo or San Miguel, where the most dominant buildings are the curious rural churches of the island.

You will see wonderful sunsets in the west of the island and, if it is nightlife you are looking for, there is nowhere else in the Mediterranean with such a wide variety of night choice as there is here.

Discover areas such as San Carlos, where in some picturesque bars and restaurants you can still find the carefree hippy atmosphere that made us so famous in the 60s.

Visit Dalt Vila, the Phoenician settlement in Sa Caleta and the Necropolis in Puig des Molins, which together with the Posidonia prairies of the Natural Reserve in Ses Salines have been recently declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

As for good food, trust us to indulge yourself and let us make suggestions about our gastronomy, of which we are so proud.